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Byl Vám zřízen zdarma přístup do informačního systému Valentus.Kde se dozvíte o všech produktech, jak užívat .

Na váš email přijde zpráva o registraci do informačního systému Valentus. 

předmět emailu:  Vaše jméno - Welcome to Valentus

Hlavička emailu :

HAVE QUESTIONS - Please contact your Enroller:  Lukáš Augustín

MÁTE OTÁZKY - obraťte se na svého registrátora:  Lukáš Augustín

to co vám nepřijde je telefon na mě zde je 733 104 907   se vším poradím sám jsem uživatel prodůktů.

Celý uodní email v Anglickém jazyce.

Nevadí zde na teto adrese zadejte svúj email do políčka Předběžné přihlášení a jste v systémů. Pokud nebudete aktivní systém se sám zruší. 

Jak vypadá email:

Dear xxxx,

Congratulations and Welcome to Valentus, the MOST EXCITING home based business on the PLANET.

While taking advantage of your FREE TOUR of the Valentus system, our team will be hard at work helping you get a head start.  That means, we will be placing people in YOUR TEAM that YOU can GET PAID ON. So be sure to keep an eye on your email so you don't miss any updates.

You can login to your Valentus FREE TOUR account at:

Just enter your email address ( in the TOP BOX

So what is this Valentus system all about?  Well, it's an automated, online Internet-based business opportunity, and it's simply incredible. When you become a member, you can build a successful business from the comfort of your own home, without having to sacrifice a lot of time or money to get started.

The system is a simple, yet the most POWERFUL, state-of-the-art system used profitably by thousands of regular people just like YOU to FINALLY achieve success from home. It was designed to make even a computer novice feel like a pro. Simply point and click and you can be MAKING MONEY.

To get you started, we have given you a FREE position in our fast growing Powerline.  Right now, you are an honorary Pre Enrollee, and you could already be earning money with your enrolled position in the Powerline.


We reward teamwork.  And it's to everyone's advantage to work together. Right now, there are Paid Members above you, working together to place Pre Enrollees below you in YOUR TEAM that YOU will have the opportunity to get paid on EVERY MONTH.

So keep a close eye on your email. Every time we place a new Pre Enrollee (a potential Paid Member) in your Powerline, you'll receive an email saying something like "Congratulations Pavel, Your Powerline is growing."

When a Pre Enrollee decides to "upgrade" to Full Member, you'll be notified with an email that exclaims "Congratulations, someone has just become a member on YOUR TEAM." These emails prove our system is working for you.

To Rapidly Explode Your Business, don't wait.  GET STARTED NOW:


Or login with your email address at


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Once again, thank you for visiting Valentus. We look forward to working with you and helping YOU become our next great success story.

Welcome Aboard,

-YOUR Valentus Support Team